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Bloch Design Group's Acoustical Engineers work closely with Architects and Owners to solve problems of poor or dissonant acoustics as well as to improve the acoustical properties in such critical spaces as control rooms, theatres, auditoriums, schools, atriums, boardrooms, conference rooms, etc.

Although Bloch Design does not do any general contracting we have been highly successful on a national level in the design and construction coordination of spaces that require the utmost attention to acoustical elements.

Our most successful projects are ones where we are involved early on in the project.  By bringing us in during the preliminary planning, we can make critical architectural and structural suggestions prior to any final construction documents being created. We want you to know upfront what the potential design and construction costs may be. Many of our proposals contain cost and budget analyses, based on square footage to be developed and our conversations with the customer regarding their requirements for isolation, acoustic performance and visual finished quality.

Environments requiring higher amounts of low frequency isolation will also require structural decoupling; the "floating room" solution. Floating rooms are expensive to build, be it a spring floated concrete slab, or a resilient pad isolated framed floor and stud wall system. If not properly loaded, the isolators will not work at optimum efficiency. Understanding the dynamics of structural isolations systems, as well as how to calculate actual live and dead loads in order to assure the proper type and amount of isolation materials are used, is important for the success of any floating room.

Finally, what good is a space that has good isolation and functions well acoustically, if it doesn't make you comfortable and eager to work there for extended periods? We are sensitive to the visual design goals of the client, and try and work diligently to maintain the image statement the client wants to make into a design that will meet the projects' budget and time frame constraints.

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