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  Electronic Systems Design  
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  Broadcast Facility Design  
  Cinema / HD Facility & System Specialist  
  Theatre Design  
  Production & Commercial Lighting Design  
  Network Systems Design  

Broadcast facility design encompasses a wide range of client needs from basic in-house rebroadcast or IDL (Interactive Distance Learning) facilities to advanced global network satellite origination facilities using digital technology.

Bloch Design group offers to our clients, a combined experience of more than 100 years of broadcast production, design and construction supervision.

Bloch Design uses a systematic approach to determine our client's needs. Once basics are established (such as studio and control room sizes, acquisition formats, usage etc.), we begin the process of reviewing, in detail, each possible manufacturer and component. A preliminary review of AutoCad drawings as well as written equipment specifications and space design provides Architects and Owners with a complete understanding of facility requirements.

  Home     What's New     How We Work     What We Do     Who We Are     Portfolio     Contact Us     Affiliations