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Electronic systems for broadcast or performance venues has become a billion dollar industry. The options can be overwhelming. One of the ways we serve our clients is to bring options along with years of experience to your project.

Too often decisions to purchase systems are based on vendor recommendations.  There is a built-in conflict of interest in recommending equipment that will later be sold to the same project. Along with the conflicts sales organizations face, gaps often occur between electrical drawings and vendor requirements, possibly limiting system performance and increasing cost.

Bloch Design's Electronic Systems Design team follows a thorough programming analysis which includes planning, design and documentation through construction for each project. With accurate and detailed information, we are able to explain to other trades how to accomplish and incorporate crtitical design elements that will save your project valuable time and money.

Having built facilities across the United States for Network, Motion Picture, Corporate and Municipal clients, we are able to design systems based on the client's needs. Whether the project requires sophisticated signal routing for a digital broadcast facility or design work to provide high quality audio reinforcement or dimming and control system, Bloch Design has the experience and communication skills to execute electronic systems design.


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