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Design for Cinema and High Definition requires constant and extensive research into the emerging technology.   Bloch Design Group, Inc. engineers are constantly working with manufacturers and staying current with developments.  We have designed for Cinema stages in Hollywood as well as other parts of the United States.  We have provided consulting services to a variety of state of the art production centers embracing the new high definition technology.  As the digital technology becomes more and more a part of cinema, Bloch Design Group is here to provide you with critical answers and expert advise to create cinema equipment packages and facilities that will meet both financial and technical requirements. Our expertise in areas ranging from Power distribution to critical support elements such as mechanical systems integration, lighting systems, and acoustical engineering, provides our clients with solutions that result in efficient space and equipment usage.  We can provide full facility design services or assist you with your production equipment needs for your existing facility. 

As in our other design service disciplines, Bloch Design uses a systematic approach to determine our client's needs. Once basics are established (such as studio and control room sizes, usage etc.), we begin the process of reviewing, in detail, each possible manufacturer and component. A preliminary review of AutoCAD drawings as well as written equipment specifications and space design provides Architects and Owners with a complete understanding of facility requirements.

Cinema and high definition Production work requires the facility to handle a variety of production requirements and have a solid digital infrastructure.  By bringing our engineering experience and industry knowledge to your project, we will provide design options that we can also interpret for Architects and Engineers.  This transfer of information through drawings and written explanation means less time and money is spent during the Pre-Planning and Design phase of the project.  Increased confidence by design team members as a result of accurate and timely information further results in a faster completion of construction.  We invite you to contact us to discuss your HD and Cinema needs.

  Home     What's New     How We Work     What We Do     Who We Are     Portfolio     Contact Us     Affiliations