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Village of Oswego, Illinois


Under the direction of the talented and well known architectural firm of PSA-Dewberry/BCA. Bloch Design is pleased to be a part of this innovative and highly functional Village Hall for Oswego, Illinois. The City Council Chambers will employ the latest state-of-the-art advances in automation while providing the City Council with a high degree of flexibility and expansion as the needs of the Village grow. Working closely with BCA; their unique architectural design of the chambers will allow for leading edge technology in lighting, projection and audio re-enforcement.

Municipal Outdoor Amphitheatre  Makes huge impact in community!


Located In the Chicago Suburb of Country Club Hills, IL., this first class outdoor venue has capabilities for Local Cable Access via a sophisticated infrastructure as well as on site capabilities such as  movies projected on a custom 40'x25' larger than life removable image screen and will be used again this Summer for concerts, speaking engagements and Orchestral performances.

 ESTA Technical Standards Program "Setting standards in the Entertainment Industry"

For more than 10 years, Bloch Design has participated in or been an observing member of one or more of the ESTA Technical Standards Program "Working Groups." The ESTA Technical Standards Program (TSP) was established in 1994 in response to the increasing number of ESTA members who were encountering situations where the lack of standards, or the imposition of standards developed outside the entertainment industry, were making it increasingly difficult to conduct business safely, efficiently, and profitably. As a trade association in a technology-based industry, it was the obvious duty of ESTA to serve its membership by establishing a program to deal with issues of technology and standards.

To learn more about the important work being accomplished by ESTA Please visit  http://www.esta.org/tsp/news/index.php






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