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Network Systems Design is our most recent service division.  At Bloch Design, Networks mean much more than simply connecting business computer systems, although we certainly are able to perform well in the traditional computer networking arena. 

Through extensive collaborative work in our industry, by our own engineers as well as years of experience, Bloch Design Group Inc. is convinced that entertainment systems, along with conventional business computing will wind up on a LAN or WAN system.  Rather than guessing or relying on outside information from manufacturers, as many specification firms do, our network division carefully reviews each system on our production networks, or in the case of more traditional business needs, we specify hardware and software that will ensure fast, reliable, state-of-the-art networking. 

For the first time, that we are aware of, Bloch Design is proud to offer integrated networking solutions for performance and business networking needs. Through our in-house network specialist, we combine the traditional need for networks with the dawning age in the entertainment industry of Ethernet and system wide controllers running on networks.

It is our opinion that the critical integration of production and business networks is needed in order to maximize any production facilities' ability to remain current with today's leading technology.

Our Network specialist is ready to serve the needs of our client base, ranging from traditional corporate systems to the most advanced production networks available. 

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