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Simply put, our philosophy is to become a nucleus team member, providing critical information to other project designers and engineers, to achieve successful design and construction of production facilities. 

Using a unique process, incorporating the team approach, Bloch Design Group may be thought of as interpreters conveying production design requirements into critical engineering data.  Projects using our methodology require less design time related to production elements and are completed with a significant reduction in errors and omissions.   Project Architects or Engineers need not be experts in production facility design.   We are able to communicate with each trade in his or her own language.  Through our team we create a bridge, a common ground. We save Owners valuable time and money by reducing the unknown factor so often associated with increased cost to Owners in building production design facilities. 

We believe that production facilities must work as a complete and unified system.  It is imperative that during the early schematic design phase the production facility is well planned.  We work as a team to accomplish designing and providing your vision!   Combining more than 150 years of professional experience, Bloch Design Group, Inc. ensures that no production element overshadows another, that no individual becomes THE designer for the production elements.  

At Bloch Design Group, Inc. our desire to PROVIDE SOLUTIONS FOR THE TECHNICAL ARTS was born from key staff and management at Bloch Design entering facilities as technical artists only to find that one technical art had the reins during the design.  Other critical technical arts were left to fend for themselves, including the Owner attempting to house productions and open the facility on time, all while ensuring technicians were safe working in the facility over the life of the facility.   Clearly, we are talking about more than one person's abilities. However, many consulting firms assign one or two people gifted in one or two areas to do the job of a team. 

We arrive at our facility designs through team meetings using certified, trained on-staff professionals for each area of required expertise. This ensures that no ONE person oversteps his or her ability, thus jeopardizing the overall design integrity.  We produce diagrammatic work only after our own review architect has ensured that no critical architectural information has been overlooked or adversely affected.  In some instances, we will use a professional engineer (P.E.) to review our work prior to release.   Our goal is to give other team members the ability to use our drawings upon receipt rather than spend valuable engineering time checking them for accuracy.  Under contract, we boast a 24-hour response time to any questions Owners or engineers may have to keep work moving ahead.   Our written specifications and reports encompass the intent of the architect and Owner to achieve competitive pricing on production equipment and services.

We consider it a privilege to be involved in the process of creating our client's vision.  We are equally privileged to work with so many gifted Architects and Engineers.  We choose to inform clients and team members of the consequences of the decisions they make rather than to dictate form.  We serve in a profesional manner and strive to achieve excellence in our facility designs at all times.  We look forward to becoming a part of your team!

Lee J. Bloch

President CEO

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