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Beginning his career in the late 1970's, Mr. Bloch achieved nationwide recognition for his ability to turn Client's thoughts and needs into equipment specifications and award winning lighting designs. From Network News shows currently on air across the United States to exhibits in the nations leading museums, Mr. Bloch designs lighting for a wide variety of spaces that include both performance and architectural systems.

"Lighting design is more than simply making a space or performance arena look good", explains Mr. Bloch. "Clients who are performing and providing technical assistance must be comfortable performing and working with the equipment we specify". A common practice has become to rely on well-meaning sales organizations to design systems for facilities. Vendors have a built-in conflict of interest in selling only the equipment they represent. This can result in conflict and inconsistencies between electrical drawings and vendor requirements. It can also have adverse effects on system performance, size and can add additional cost to a project.

Mr. Bloch has been working alongside peers since 1992 and currently serves as National Chair for the Theatre, Television and Film Lighting Committee for the Illumination Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) and contributes to developing industry standards for improved lighting throughout the industry.

Mr. Bloch is responsible for introducing several products locally to the industry, which are now considered industry standard. A 20-year working relationship with nearly all of the manufacturers who supply equipment to the industry allows us to provide our clients with first hand information and the benefit of working with most of what we specify.

Bloch Design serves our Clients in several ways. Because we work only on behalf of our Client, we are able to make suggestions during the planning, needs analysis, design, documentation, construction, and maintenance phases of a project. This increased communication protects our Client's interest. We are able to contribute to a project from the early phase through the first air date or performance and building openings by providing quality lighting direction.

We invite you to review some of our projects here and ask that you contact us for more detailed information about your particular project.

  Home     What's New     How We Work     What We Do     Who We Are     Portfolio     Contact Us     Affiliations