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Theatre Design remains on of the most demanding disciplines offered by any consulting firm. Each system is dependent on the strengths of other related systems and must be carefully selected, engineered and installed in order to bring productions to life! Each venue is unique and requires in-depth programming, which is a process of interviewing and carefully documenting Client and Constituent needs.


Many traditional theatres have elected to add a video element to their facilities. The intent may be to generate additional revenue by downlinking national events from satellites and providing pay-per-view or, simply archival and training capabilities. In either situation, the cost to add these elements after original construction is enormous. We offer clients these options and ways to achieve them upfront, so he or she may start out with the design they want as well as the expansion capabilities.

Bloch Design TD team members have toured in theatres across the U.S. and abroad, where not only the technical design elements are met, but each unique and individual theatre is considered in the design. Auditorium lighting, entertainment lighting, lighting control systems, curtains, rigging, machinery, seating and sight-lines are all designs that tie into the coordinated planning of staging and performance areas. Clients may elect to purchase packaged services or contract us for specific elements of a project. Finally, training and an understanding of the maintenance requirements of each system specified by BDG, Inc., is offered to assist clients in protecting their initial investment.

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